Free Capital: the critics' verdict

Investors Chronicle by Alistair Blair. Extracts:

"...a compelling read..."

"You could learn a lot from this dazzling dozen..."

"...definitely the best investment book that has crossed my desk for some time."

Full text of review here.

Stockopedia Extracts:

"At last,a true to life account of UK investing..."

"...highly recommended reading..."

Full text of review here.

Andrew Howe (longer version of an Amazon review). Extracts:

"Free Capital is excellent storytelling..."

"...has both impact and depth..."

"...If it's not worth £10 of your money I don’t know what is."

Full text of review here.

Financial World Extracts:

"...fascinating...above all an unusually compelling self-help title."

"This book answers its market extremely well."

Full text of review here.

(Last update: 19 Nov 2011)

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